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Sales Process Definition


  • Structuring and optimizing your sales process in stages to ensure that no opportunity is left untracked. ​

  • Definition of each stage of the sale and content design with the type of follow-up and/or communication with the customer according to their stage. ​

  • Setting up a CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) tailored to your industry, with custom configuration and best practices for fast and efficient sales management.

  • Link to shared websites, emails, and calendars.​

  • Setting Reminders for Sellers​

  • Segmentation by customers and by type of products/service to be sold.

  • Integration of the existing customer database into the new system, ready for immediate use.​

  • Final presentation of how to use the system and how to generate basic sales reports.


*Does not include sales training. Maximum BD of 999 contacts and maximum of 4 sales services.​

Sales Management​


  • Execution of the entire sales process with teams of highly trained salespeople and closing specialists. ​

  • Record of the entire interaction of the sales process, in the CRM stages of negotiation, sending of communications, adjustments to offers.​

*Sales with coordination of inspections with field teams, for sending estimates have a cost of $50 per closing ​

  • Sending estimates in professional formats​

  • Follow-up to sales opportunities and record of closings*​

  • View sales progress on executive dashboards in Apps, reports, and portals. ​

  • Weekly progress reports on sales and closing stages.​

  • Detection of new opportunities, customer loyalty or cross-selling​


*Flat fee + one fee for each closing ($50.00 with inspection coordination (with someone from the client's team) and $30.00 for telesales closings​


*You can combine plans, according to your type of sales: pay only for the closings you choose​

Sales Training​


  • Sales Onboarding: Integrating CRM System Concepts with the stages of sales. ​

  • CRM: Modules, Fields & Records for Opportunities & Reports​

  • Reporting Workshop for Sales Decision Making​

  • Efficient Automation: Sales Workflows and Integrations​

  • Pipeline Review: Advanced Lead and Deal Development for a Successful Closing​

  • Techniques, Communication, Objection Management and Prospecting​

  • Sales Technologies and Effective Time Management​

  • Each module includes:

  • 10 hours of training (pre-recorded classes + live instructor-led orientation)​

  • Online forums for questions and answers​

  • Knowledge Assessments​

  • Practical Exercises. 

  • Maximum up to 20 participants and pay for each extra person.​


*Custom theme development $1,500​

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